The Bivol Trust

    Jeannette is a 15 year old girl in year 10 at a local special school. She has recently joined the retail skills project at the vintage clothes shop 'Anything Goes', which is funded by BBC Children In Need. Through this she will develop her skills and build her CV. The project will also link her into other Trust groups and projects.

    Stephen is 21 years old and has a learning disability. He has finished his general skills course at a local college but cannot get a job. He does not qualify for local authority day services. He would like a job in retail, and is attending the Trust Monday Art Group, practicing skills in art work, design and sales. Hopefully, this will build his confidence and give him valuable experience on which to base a job application. By going to groups we are able to promote Stephen's social skills and provide him with a social life.

    The Trust aims to:

    • To provide social opportunities to young people with disabilities aged 11 years to 35 years.

    • To enable skills development and employment preparation for young people with disabilities.

    • To promote inclusion.